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  As a mum of two little girls, I've lost track of the times I've had to fish handfuls of 'precious' stones out of tiny (not to mention my own) pockets before washing. My desk is a shrine to presents of rocks, cones, acorns - you name it! And, although at times it can seem like one more job to do, keeping that little shrine on my desk is also a reminder to me of how precious that time of our lives is - when the world is one big exploration and everything is new.

We're a proudly Canadian (with an Irish flavour) Vancouver-based sustainable kids brand. Every Rocks in our Pockets collection is created to nurture a child’s natural curiosity and respect for our planet and all who live on it. The design of each piece adheres to this philosophy, from the conception of the custom gender-neutral prints to the eco-friendly features inherent in the product production.  We respect the right of kids to be kids - and of grownups to be themselves as well as parents.  All of our prints are inspired by the wonder of discovery, and hand-painted in-house in colour palettes designed to appeal to girls, boy, kids and adults alike.  

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What we stand for

We love to think of our tiny customers getting out and exploring ourearth with their grownups.  Just like your kids, we're inspired by the world around us and in turn seek to inspire a new generation to take care of it.  Each piece is considered for its environmental impact, and designed with longevity and versatility in mind right from the beginning of the process. We want our customer to be able to use our pieces for as long as possible, to wear them out and about, and literally wear them out.  

We can't wait to expand into clothing, which we're designing with some fun surprises specifically to encourage hand-me-downs. Watch this space!

It's easy to say you want to make a difference, but with busy lives followup can be a bit trickier.  That's why a percentage of every single sale is donated to a cause that supports our belief of a better future.  You win, they win - AWESOME!!

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We're not perfect, but as we grow, we strive to do better and better


Our supply chain

Our brand is built on encouraging discovery and appreciation of the world and its inhabitants.   We strive to show, not just tell, by living our values. It's fundamental that we adopt ethically sound practices right along the production cycle.

All our blankets, bibs and muslins are made from certified organic cotton by a lovely factory in India, who provide housing for 50% of their workers, and continued to pay their wages in full all throughout  pandemic closures.  While cotton, organic or not, still requires a lot of water to produce, we prefer to use it over synthetics or mixed fibres since the natural fibre WILL eventually break down.  Our products are digitally printed in a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified printing system, which ensures both the organic nature of the product and the wellbeing of the workers.  Sure, it's more expensive, but uses no water and doesn't cause toxic run-off like traditional rotary or screen printing. Our products are shipped to us in compostable bags, and we in turn ship to you in compostable mailers. We keep our packaging to a minimum, and only use recycled card for our swing tags with recycled or repurposed ribbons and string. 

Each Big Throw is individually made to order from 95% cotton yarn - most of which is recycled - in a family-run mill in the USA. We only order exactly what we have sold, so waste is minimal. Any waste that IS created is remade into other textiles, and shredded scraps from their bins are sorted by colour and either woven back into yarn or used as stuffing or other non-woven textiles. 

Our wall decor is printed on demand in a local boutique print studio.  Only printing what we sell is a huge step in waste prevention.  The PVC-free peel-and-stick wallpapers and decals are printed with non-toxic water-soluble inks, making them safe to use in family homes.  We use as little plastic as possible, and ask our customers to use a bank card to apply rather than buying a plastic squeegee... every little helps!


Hi! I'm Lisa, mum of 2 small whirlwinds and print designer with over 12 years' experience in the fashion industry...

Whilst on maternity leave with baby number 2, I really missed my job as a Senior Print Designer in a fashion company. Full-time parenting is HARD and my hat off to you wonderful souls who ace it every day. I started freelancing, mostly to keep my brain active and engaged through the mum-fog, and got a taste of the freedom of working for myself. Although I really adored my regular design work,  it was a path I had promised myself many moons ago that I would only go down if I could change the industry from the inside.  A few months later, just when I was about to go back to work, my position was suddenly dissolved due to the pandemic.  So I took it as a sign, decided that it was time to live out my long-held dream and started my own sustainable business. 

I experienced a real lost of identity after having my kids, and fought to look after my own tastes and needs, whilst still trying to be the best mother I could be.  Like you, I love beautiful things, but hate the impact they have on the earth and its people.  I'm doing my best to instill a sense of respect and responsibility in my own kids to help them grow into the adults our world sorely needs, and to keep a sense of myself while doing it... thankyou for joining us

-Lisa, founder and designer

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