Gift like a Green Goddess - a beginner's guide to more mindful Holiday shopping

In the frenzy that is Black Friday, so many of us are torn between wanting to get a good deal (hello, inflation) and wanting to shop responsibly.  Fear not.. it's easier than you might think

printed jersey blanket, quilted blanket and swaddles in flatlay with christmas decorations

  • Buy local and support smaller businesses - these businesses support local people who use the money for things like, y’know, feeding their kids

  • Give gift cards - we’ve all had that present that lies in the back of a cupboard, unused and forgotten. A gift card lets them choose something they really want that they’ll make the best use of. They’ll still always think of you when they wear that top or wrap up in that blanket.
  • Choose quality over quantity - focus on buying a few quality items rather than a hoard of cheap ones.  That one super thick quality blanket (that they might not splurge on themselves) is going to be appreciated more than a wardrobe full of clothes the kids will grow out of. 
  • Wrap sustainably - recycled Kraft paper and natural decorations are inexpensive, eco-friendly and oozing with cool-mom chic.  Look out for the blog post in the next few weeks!
  • Re-gift thoughtfully - for example, giving someone a book you know they or their kids will love that you've already read and perhaps holds a special place in your heart.  Don't be afraid to re-gift something you know you'll never use to someone you know will appreciate and make good use of it.  Honey, you're saving resources and the person receiving the gift need be none the wiser.
  • Gift experiences rather than things - memories last longer than material goods (and don't take up space in already-stuffed homes!
  • Think about what you’re ACTUALLY buying -
Who makes the product? Is it fair trade or from genuinely ethical supplier?

What is it made from? We’ll do a blog post soon on the best materials to buy, but recycled (like the big throw) or organic (the rest of our collection) is always winner.

Is it made in massive wasteful quantities, in small batches or made to order?

It’s a sobering though to remember that someone pays - whether it’s us, the workers or the earth. Choose wisely!

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