Gifts new parents REALLY need - and they don't even know it yet

Whether super-planners, minimalists or gear-hoarders, first time parents have one thing in common.  It's their first time.  And while experience and family situation vary wildly, there are a few things that almost any new parent will cherish that they may not even realise yet


1. Food Delivery


Do you think new parents have time and energy to buy, prepare AND eat food? HA! Chances are, they might not quite conceive (ba-doom, ch!) just what a push this can be. Keep their energy up with a few home cooked meals that pop in the freezer, or a food delivery gift card and they'll remember it forever. Support a local business instead of one of the big companies and not only are you supporting someone’s income, you are keeping someone a l i v e, you wonderful creature, you

2. Muslin Squares


Babies are messy. Like, inconsiderately messy.  Muslin squares, muslins, swaddles - whatever you want to dub them -  are quite possibly THE most useful and versatile piece of baby kit there is, and ours are crafted from certified GOTS organic cotton, so gentle enough for even the tiniest baby's skin. They’re the one thing you could get a set of from everyone you know and still run out of. Essential for:

- swaddling

- burping

- nursing cover

- shade

- car seat support

- light blanket

- impromptu changing mat

- stroller naps

- bathing comfort

- as a towel

...and many more

Ours are in packs of two, so you can always have one out and one in the wash!

BONUS TIP: Buying gender-neutral gifts means they are more likely to be able to re-use for baby number two!


3. Stacking Cups


Yes, this seems to be for the baby but is actually a parental sanity preserver. Pretty inexpensive and you can use them from when they’re just figuring out oooh! I can grab stuff! Cool! to when they're 5 and soaking you at the water park . Plus, since they stack, they can be chucked in your diaper bag and off you pop to do fun stuff.. or that boss level of parental patience - The Aeroplane…


4. Baby blanket


Can you ever have too many blankets? Chances are, they'll receive more than one, but we're willing to bet that our infinitely versatile and bestselling take-anywhere Jersey Blanket or our grow-older-with-me Quilted Blanket will top their favourites list for years to come.  


5. Healthy snacks


When there's a tiny boss around, it can be easy to forget or just not get around to feeding yourself.  Breastfeeding takes an extra toll.  Help them out by gifting a stack of healthy snacks, such as energy balls, lactation cookies, granola bars nuts and dried fruit. Not the most glamorous gift in the world, but a much-appreciated one.


6. Chores

Honestly, I remember these gifts the most. A quick cloth over the bathroom (if you are close enough for this to be comfortable), a load of laundry (of which there will be piles) and a run through of the dishwasher are thoughtful, free and will never end up in a donation bin.

7. A big blanket


A big blanket such as our Big Throw is a wonderful gift for the whole family with which they'll make many a memory.  From wrapping around shoulders during night feeds to couch snuggles and beach picnics, it's a gift that keeps up with a growing family. Plus, they look really good in the house even when the kids have flown the nest.

8. Diapers


Whether disposable or cloth, diapers are EXPENSIVE and dang it, they run out at the most inconvenient times.  A subscription service can be a real game-changer for sleep-befuddled brains. New families who are planning to use disposables might really love an automatic delivery subscription, while those who intend to use cloth may really appreciate a diaper laundry service.


Whatt have we missed? What's your go-to gift??


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