5 Easy-Peasy Indoor Kids' Activities for Rainy Days

I know, I know. There's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes.  But what about those dark, autumn days when mustering up the energy for muddy buddies and boots is just a bit much...? Here are 5 of our favourite guilt-free indoor activities to keep kids' sense of discovery sated and yourself sane:

1. Blanket tents

An oldy but a goody for a reason.  Grab a bunch of blankets or swaddles and go to town making a tent.  We love repurposing our Pikler triangle for this, but chairs and sofas work just as well! Pretend you're camping and bring a big stack of books, or fend off dragons from your castle...

2. Rice box

For smaller kids, fill a basin with uncooked rice and hide small toys in it that they get to 'discover'.  Add in cups, jugs and spoons for older kids who'll use it like water, but without the mess! Top tip - set up on a blanket to catch the inevitable rice grain escapees.

3. Curiosity Jar craft

Admittedly, this one take a bit more effort but is still quick and easy to set up from things you probably have at home. Plus, you get to edit that ever-growing collection of rocks, shells and leaves... Grab some empty jars and get the kids scrubbing the labels off.  Paint the lids (we used black) and use a piece of playdough stuck inside the lid to help arrange your treasures.  Flip the jars upside down and you have your own bell jar.  Now only the most special treasures need come home and there's a neat little place to keep them.

4. Colour and stick



If you're not going outside, we've got the next best thing! Sign up to our mailing list to get our free colouring sheet, cut out the pieces and create your own collection of curiosities!

and for when you really need a lie down....

5. Art class or put-me-to-bed

Challenge older kids to a life-drawing class in which you'll have to lie very, very still until they're finished... Younger kids get a real kick of putting mum or dad to bed - with the bonus that they'll probably be quiet as mice for a few minutes to let you 'sleep'!

 Happy Fall!


x Lisa



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